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Norskutviklet penselholder

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RushBrushSet is a time saver for all kinds of artists! RushBrushSet
has two important functions. The first is to hold your brushes
during the painting process. The second is to keep your paint wet
and your brushes sealed until your next studio session. Originally
created for use with oil paints, the RushBrushSet can be used for
any types of paints. Since the 12 th century, oil paints have been
used by artists all over the world. And oil painting will surely
move along into the future as few other paints offer such a sense
of complex possibilities. Multiple levels of texture, detail and
depth can be achieved with this medium. Layers can be created over
a prolonged period of time. And it is in these layers that viewers
can virtually “enter” a painting and experience it on a whole new
level. With amazing possibility also comes lots of time-consuming
headaches. Beginning and ending a painting session takes time and
can ruin artistic rhythm. RushBrushSet allows the artist to jump
back in, in a moment’s notice. The muse will not be denied! As
painting moves into a future with ever increasing demands of speed
and quality, RushBrushSet provides artists with another important
tool to be successful with her or his work!


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