Daylight Easel Lamp Go

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See every colour on your canvas like never before with the new
Easel Lamp Go. Achieve superb colour reproduction with the premium
95+ CRI Daylight LEDs that are highly energy efficient and never
need to be replaced. Eliminate shadows and glare with the easy to
position shade, get the light exactly where you want it and adjust
the brightness with a 3-Step dimmer. Need light in your art class?
Now you can with the internal battery allowing up to 4 hours of
continuous and consistent brightness. Easel Lamp GoTM – the perfect
painting companion. Features • Daylight 6,000K LEDs with 95+ CRI to
see colours accurately at any time of day or night • Easily
adjustable brightness using the 3 steps dimmer switch • Up to 4
hours of consistent and continuous brightness • Recheargeable with
any USB power source or power bank – 3m (118”) long USB cable
included • Flexible arm to position shade and light spread exactly
where you need it • Adjustable clamp to fit any easel • Soft travel
bag included


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